We’re building an engineering-focused group of people that love learning and want to help each other collaborate

PolySigners are a team of experts in different fields who came together because we are excited about building infrastructure for a new financial ecosystem.

"Digital assets can change the world by allowing the remaining third of the world to participate in the global economy. At PolySign, we're building the foundational infrastructure needed for digital assets to fully succeed."

Arthur Britto Founder, Ripple and PolySign

Our Core Values

Autonomy and freedom

At PolySign, every team member is trusted to do their work and not told how to do it. Case in point: our engineering team enjoys flexible working hours. We strongly emphasize work-life balance and believe that you do your best work when engaged and focused on outcomes, not hours.

Support and safety

Building great things requires putting yourself out there, which is hard. We support each other no matter what. If you’re excited about something, whether it’s work related or not, please share! Support and safety are how we enable each other to build great things.

Learning and growing

We believe the best outcomes for you, PolySign and the world come through personal growth. In order to solve really hard problems, you’ll need to learn and grow. You’ll have access to an unlimited book budget and wonderful mentors who are luminaries in our space.

Responsibility and impact

We’re not maintaining somebody else’s old stack here. We are a self-organizing tech team, and you’ll have input in what tools you use and how you use them.

Open Positions

Software Engineering

Oakland Full Time

Senior Backend Engineer (Python)

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Oakland Full Time

Backend Engineer (Python)

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Oakland Full time

Frontend Engineer

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Oakland Full time

Devops Engineer

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